Surrounded by the beauty of woods, water and mountains, Newfound Lake is located in the Lakes Region of central New Hampshire. Often overshadowed by the “BIG” lake and Squam Lake (where On Golden Pond was filmed), Newfound Lake has much to offer.

Its area covers 4,451 acres and refreshed twice a year by eight underground springs and has 22 miles of shore line. The lake is about 2.5 miles wide, 6 miles long and the deepest point is 183 feet. What makes Newfound Lake unique is that it is the cleanest lake in the state – and ranked 7th cleanest in the nation. Wellington State Park, containing the largest freshwater swimming beach in the New Hampshire state park system, is a 204-acre property located on the lake’s west shore in the town of Bristol. Drive by the entrance to the park on a warm summer day and cars are lined up waiting to get in.

Newfound Lake in winter, New Hampshire

Newfound is quiet, though. And that is one thing you will hear from locals and visitors alike. As a business owner, the majority of my guest often remark how quiet it is. Some evenings, depending on how the wind is carried, you can hear loons on the lake. My favorite sound are the coyotes howling in the distance. If my labs hear them, they are ready to run with them.

True, we do not have the “commercialism” that the big lake has. However, we have the relaxed pace of sitting on porches, hiking the local trails, kayaking the lake, biking the Heritage Trail, strolling thru downtown Bristol, fishing for 1 of 22 species of fish, or stopping by the Audubon Society.

Newfound Lake sunset, New Hampshire

Oh, don’t worry – it’s not ALL about relaxing.

  • In February, the local fire department holds an annual ice fishing derby.
  • The Boston Chapter of Ice Racing brings their studded tires and hearty racers for ice training January through March.
  • Feeling like an Ironman? The Lakes Region Tri Festival Triathlon is held on Newfound Lake in September.
  • The Hebron Fair is always the last Saturday of July.
  • The New Hampshire Marathon – a qualifier for the Boston Marathon – is in October.
  • And you can’t forget about the surroundings towns Old Home Days, the fireworks in Kelly Park, and the 4th of July parade.

Newfound Lake, New HampshireDon’t forget. 2 lighthouses, too many hikes to list, and a bevy of restaurants and great places to stay like Pleasant View B&B.

Quiet? Yes. We are. Boring? No. All you need is a sense of adventure.

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