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Many of us are familiar with the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.”  When it comes to building a website, however, it takes a state. Here at the NHBBA, we are proud to unveil the result of a state wide effort to update the New Hampshire Bed & Breakfast Association website.

Our previous site served us well for eight years. As our membership grew, the talented Heather Turner of Forfeng Designs added members, posted updates to our bylaws and generally kept things rolling. The site was a popular place where visitors would choose a B&B for their visit to New Hampshire. However, times and technology change and the increased use of tablet and smart phones meant our site needed to become responsive. Additionally, more folks want a one stop place to plan their vacation. So, we decided to update our content to show them why to choose New Hampshire. It was time for a remodel!

Finding a website builder wasn’t too difficult. Out of a multitude of options, we chose Acorn Internet Services primarily because they built sites for individual lodging properties as well as state B&B associations. We checked references and planned to steal all the best ideas from their previous work. Check the box, technology partner chosen! 

As part of the new look, we decided to have a new logo. The old logo was about us, not New Hampshire. We wanted mountains, the great outdoors and have a playful style. We gave those parameters to Rachel Halper a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York. We knew we made a good match; take a look at the comparison.

Our members love their state and, even more so, they love sharing it with others. If you’ve spent any time perusing our B&Bs by Region, you’ll know that our membership is concentrated in the middle section of the state. A special “join before the new site goes live” promotion brought members in the Monadnock Region in the southwest. Still, we continue to be sorely under-represented in the White Mountains, Great North and Seacoast Regions. We wanted to include a narrative about each region – whether we had B&Bs there or not. Innkeepers enthusiastically stepped up. These folks, though they live in one area, love to hike, ski and explore the history of the entire beautiful state so they wrote about their favorite things to do in those neighboring areas. If you’re an expert in one of these underrepresented regions and you can add to our region pages, please email us and we’ll expand our guides.

We knew we needed big bold photos to capture the scenic beauty of our state.  We partner with several tourist attractions that provided photos of their ski area or historic home. For the gorgeous scenic shots, however, we went to everyone’s favorite online photo album – Facebook. There, we found a group of photographers who share tips, themes and the love of New Hampshire. We asked a few, “May we please, pretty please with sugar on top, use your photos on our new website?” And the love flowed. Without the generosity of the following photographers, our website would be very dull. They certainly gave us fabulous photos to work with. A thank you and big shout out to:

So you see, it takes a whole state, the Granite State, to make a web site and to give you a true Northern New England experience. Come and visit our B&Bs and experience New Hampshire for yourself.

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